Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cibo (Food)

I love shopping here.  Shopping for food that is.  It's not like it is in America, it's more of an experience.  I mean they do have the supermarkets sort of like we do in the States, they're just not as big.  The open air markets and small stores are the places to go though.  For the most part, prices are about the same if not cheaper than in the US.  Meats, fish, and cheeses are still expensive, or at least they seem that way.  I have to remember to divide the prices by 2.2 because the prices listed are per kilogram, and there's 2.2 pounds in a kilo.  But the prices on most items are cheaper.  Examples: a decent bottle of Italian wine here is 2 or 2,30 euro; a 500g box of Barilla pasta (a little over a pound) was 0,80 euro; at the open air market in Trastevere I paid 1 euro for 1 kilo of yellow potatoes.

I've gone to the open air market the last two days and I've found that most vegetables are definitely cheaper there, and most fruit, too.  It's also just more fun to walk around the square and browse the different stands and the booths for the meat guys and seafood guys.  I got some prosciutto for sandwiches from one of them:
It's really good.  I made half a sandwich with my lunch of leftover pasta I made last night and one of the Sicilian clementines I got today at the market.  I think that's what I'm going to do day-to-day for meals most often: a sandwich and some fruit or leftovers from the night before for lunch, and then most nights I'll be able to cook.  Monday and Wednesday I have a class that ends at 6:45, but we eat later here anyways so it wouldn't be hard to just come back and boil some water or make a salad.  Plus it's much cheaper to buy food or groceries than it is to go out all the time.  So more money for when I travel.

Speaking of which, I need to book flights and hostels for a few of the trips today.

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