Monday, January 16, 2012


Wow. Amazing night saturday night, we went to Scholars for a bit, and then tried to get people to go to this discoteca in Testaccio, a neighborhood really far south.  The rounding up of people did not go as planned so we ended up going as a group of 6, and walking failed so we had to take a taxi there.  But it was awesome, we were probably the only Americans in the place but it was fine.  And there's other clubs and bars right next to it all in a strip so we'll definitely go back and check them out later.

Got my first taste of how crazy Italians are of soccer, I mean calcio, yesterday.  The boyfriend of the sister of my friend Leo who's living across the hall lives in Rome, in a neighborhood south of Trastevere.  He's a big Inter fan, and so are his friends.  The Milano derby was on last night, which means that Inter was playing AC Milan, so we went to his apartment to watch the game.  Needless to say, they were quite animated throughout.  Inter won 1-0 so it turned out fine.  We also cooked dinner beforehand.

Had my first class this morning, it's an on-site class called Power and Politics. pictures below:

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