Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sciopero = forget your travel plans

My bad on the last post. I just noticed that I titled it "G-men and Effervescence" and never talked about the wine tasting.  JCU hosted it at campus, and they brought in a certified sommelier who gave a presentation about how to taste wines.  He talked about how wines are evaluated and scored, and how you can tell them apart based on various qualities. One was effervescence, which we thought was a kind of a funny word.  The tasting was cool, I didn't like very many of the wines they gave us, but it was interesting to learn a little more.

In other news, national transportation in Italy will be going on strike tomorrow.  Conveniently when we will be travelling to Siena.  We already bought a train ticket for tomorrow morning, so hopefully TrenItalia gives us a refund.  And then I found a bus company that told us that services were still guaranteed tomorrow, so at least we'll be able to keep most of our plans in Siena and then continue on to Florence Saturday morning.  Then we're coming back late Sunday night.  So hopefully the strike ends on time tomorrow night so everything runs (relatively) smoothly the rest of the weekend.  And for anyone's future reference, strike in Italian is sciopero.  Good word to know, because apparently it happens a lot for no reason.  There's a whole website in Italian devoted just to posting when and where strikes are happening.  I miss America.

So I should have plenty of photos from this weekend when I get back, given the strike ends on time and we make it there, and back.

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