Saturday, January 14, 2012

Smells Like History

So JCU sponsored an afternoon for students to go walk around the city for a bit, go to this cheesy ancient Rome reproduction place, and take an open bus tour.  It was actually cool, it gave us the opportunity to act like tourists for the afternoon, and take some cool pictures.  The reproduction place was called Rewind Rome, it's a joint venture with Columia or Universal pictures or something, they combine stuff from Gladiator.  Overall it was cheesy, and a little long at times, but okay.  We had to do some activities in small groups as a competition, and one of them required the group to dress one of us in all the legionnaire garb, including armor, sword, and helm.  Guess who got "volunteered"?  Yeah... photographic evidence is on Facebook, it will not be going on here. But here are some photos from walking/busing around:

After we got back we stopped back at campus for a little bit, and we got lucky because the doctor was still there giving physicals for people who want to try out for sports or use the residence's gym.  Honestly one of the weirdest things I've experienced.  It was only 5 minutes, not comprehensive or thorough, but weird.  All it was was this machine that took some sort of readings.  Only we had to lie down, and then the doctor brings out these tentacle looking things with a couple clamps and some suction cups on them, all of us had no idea what was going on.  He just put them on our bare skin, the machine made some buzzing and it took some readings I guess, and that was it. It was just really bizarre.

Travel tip: it is possible, for 7 euro, to get a good (quality and size) pizza and split a liter of wine with a few people for dinner.  We found this nice little pizzeria a few blocks down the street last night on our way back from campus.

Met our RA this morning, he's pretty cool.  He's from Houston, but he's never been to college in the US, he has only gone to JCU.  And then we have this Navigation 101 thing this afternoon in groups.  They take us around and show us practical things in the neighborhood and around the city, so hopefully we can pick up a few things from that.  We still haven't really gotten completely settled in.

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