Thursday, January 12, 2012

Una passegiata

Actually the paperwork for the permesso was pretty painless, luckily the people at the ND Architecture program do most of the work for us.  It gave us a chance to go to that area of the city so we walked around afterwards for a couple hours.  Saw the Pantheon, walked through il Centro, Piazza Navona, and finally got to visit St. Peter's square.  It is still decorated for Christmas, there was a nativity scene and a huge tree in the square right next to the obelisk.
So yeah it was fun to just take a walk all around the city, although I'll have to get used to walking so much on the cobblestones: it's different than the grass and sidewalks at ND.

A bunch of us are getting together and cooking dinner tonight so I think I'm going to make pasta e fagioli with some broccoleti e cavolfiori con l'aglio.  Just like my family used to make, I'm thinking of you guys and missing you.

We have to take a bus tour tomorrow afternoon around the city starting at the Coliseum so I'll have more pictures to post. A presto!

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