Sunday, January 22, 2012

Viaggio in Campania (o campagna)

The trip was awesome.  Friday afternoon wasn't great because it was raining while we were outside at Pompeii, but at least there wasn't anyone in the park.  We had lunch right when we got in, then got a tour of parts of the ruins.  Then we got back on the bus and drove to Salerno, a town over the mountains where the Allies first invaded mainland Italy, and Europe, during WWII.  It was a really cool town that is someplace we never would have gone if not for this trip.  We just ate dinner and then walked around afterward.  It was fun just wandering aimlessly with some of my friends, got some cool pictures and a few laughs, too.  Then a few of us hung out in the hotel afterward; I'm glad we're getting to know each other pretty well, we have a great group.  I'm sure it would've happened eventually, but it's nice that we've only been here a week and we're all getting along really well.

Saturday we got up and drove to a buffalo farm a little farther to the South in Campania; it's called Tenuta Vennulo.  It's an organic buffalo farm, and they use the buffalo's milk to make all sorts of dairy products, but chiefly cheese.  It is amazing.  We had lunch there, and they served us ricotta and mozzarella di buffala.  Best meal I've had in Italy yet, and all we had was cheese, bread, and some tomatoes on the side.  We got to have their yogurt and gelato for dessert, both of which were amazing.

The video is from the farm, the first pic is at the Pompeii forum, then the next two are from our night walking around in Salerno, and the last is of the cheese at the farm.

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