Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10 Things (Part 2)

So the first one was about things I missed about the States; this one is hopefully a bit more upbeat.

10 things I like about Italy:
  1. Food: anything and everything.  Pizza, pasta, seafood, meat, vegetables.
  2. Shopping: not just souvenir shopping but also grocery shopping.  It's fun to go shopping at the open air vegetable markets after class, or just browse the specials at the small neighborhood grocery stores.
  3. Wine: being able to find varieties of quality wine for much cheaper than in the US is nice.  It's also interesting to learn about the different types of wines, most of them from Italy.
  4. Trains: even though they may not always run on time, it's very convenient, and cost effective, to go between cities using the rail system.
  5. Siesta: although it's annoying that stores and other things close at times between 1 and 4pm, once you start acting as the locals do and take that time out of the day to rest, it really helps.  Especially since I don't have class during that time, but before and after it.
  6. Speaking a different language: while my Italian is still not where I want it to be, it's pretty awesome to converse with some of the locals and both understand most of what they're saying and also be able to make myself understood.
  7. Il Calcio (soccer): if you think Americans are crazy about football, then multiply that by about 10 and you get how Italians feel about soccer.  Almost everyone has their own team, most often the local one.  Rome is divided because it has two teams: Roma and Lazio.  Personally, I cheer for Roma.  And the games are amazing to attend: the fans are excited the entire time, even more passionate than the ND student section by far.
  8. Religion: while not many Italians actually go to mass on a weekly basis, there is no shortage of churches to choose from, and they are all amazingly beautiful with interesting histories.
  9. History: merely walking down our street will take you past a 4th century archway (which I only recently found out was built in the 4th century).  They have a different concept of "old" here, and anything under 300/400 years doesn't really make the cut.
  10. Weather: so far it hasn't been very cooperative, but it's supposed to clear up soon.  It's still better than the South Bend Winter so we can't complain.

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