Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Abbiamo Vinto!!! (We won)

Sunday was a great day. Went to the Roma vs. Inter soccer game in the afternoon. Roma won 4-0, which was awesome.  The atmosphere was crazy, I'll definitely be going back.

It was crazy, and a lot of fun. Afterwards, we were walking home from the stadium and the Roma team bus drove by, then stopped on the curb next to us.  One of the players got off and got something from underneath the bus.  All the fans on the street were stopping and cheering and taking pictures. 

Then we came back and had homemade hamburgers and french fries for dinner: American meal before America's game.  We heard Hard Rock Cafe had a cool Superbowl watch party, so we made reservations for that.  There was a cover, but you got two drinks, chips & salsa, popcorn, and some free stuff with it so it didn't turn out to be bad.  But the game was awesome.  It was hard staying alert for parts of it (Halftime and the whole 3rd quarter), but in the end we all went nuts.

Then we started walking the 40 minute walk home, and randomly came across this gem:
Yep, walked right by it in the middle of Rome.  We didn't end up getting home until 5 in the morning, but it turned out classes were cancelled again because of the snow so that capped off a great day knowing we could all sleep in.

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