Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Quite a long weekend that was.  We took the overnight train to Venice from Rome, which meant that we arrived in Venice at 5:30am.  While it was certainly nice to walk around for a while before the crowds got there, it was incredibly hard since hardly any of us got much sleep on the train, and we couldn't check in to our hostel until later in the day.

We walked to St. Mark's and saw the square and the basilica right after sunrise, which was pretty cool.  Afterwards, because it was already open, we went in and saw the Palazzo Ducale, where the Doges of Venice used to live.

The rest of the day we walked around and hung out, then went out and saw some of the town at night.  Saturday the guys and I went to Burano, an island farther to the North in the bay.  I saw it on an episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations on the Travel Channel.  Bourdain went to a restaurant there and had amazing risotto.  So we took one of the water lines to the island and checked it out.  The island was pretty and quaint, and we were able to find the restaurant, so we had lunch there.  The food was a little more expensive than we usually pay, but it was amazing.

Saturday afternoon was crazy.  The streets were full of people, and it turned into a huge party, complete with live music in St. Mark's square.
 Sunday we went to mass in St. Mark's basilica, which was amazing.  The inside is completely covered in gold mosaics.
By the time we all got back early Monday morning, we were exhausted.  It was definitely a fun weekend, and Venice was very interesting, but I think the Carnevale experience was over hyped by people I talked to.  Venice was more interesting than the festival was, because everything in the city started closing by 10pm and there actually weren't that many events going on with the festival other than the street party atmosphere.  But definitely a fun weekend.

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