Monday, March 19, 2012

Benvenue a Paris

Made it to Paris okay, walked around and saw some of the center. We climbed Notre Dame and walked across Ponte Neuf. Tonight we're going to see the Eiffel tower park when it's lit up

Spring Break

The last week was great: I got to see some friends from ND who were here in town.  The ND Liturgical choir came during their Spring Break to sing at the Vatican and other churches, so I got to see a few friends from the choir.  Also, one of my friends came with a Holy Cross discernment trip, and we were able to meet up and hang out a couple times.

The last couple days it's been pretty quiet here: almost everyone already left for Spring Break.  I've just been chilling out and enjoying the peace and quiet.  Then early tomorrow it's off on vacation for Break.  I'm meeting a few friends in Paris, then Leo and I are going to Munich, where we'll meet others from our program.  And then we're meeting our group from Paris in Prague next weekend.  So it should be a fun week, and I'm glad I was able to get some sleep this past weekend.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's been a while

My life has been boring lately, so I'm sorry for not posting.  But there really hasn't been much going on, I've stayed in Rome two weekends in a row, and it was needed. 

We're finally done with exams, so that's good.  This weekend there wasn't much going on, we just walked around the city a lot during the days, but it was good to do.  A few of us went shopping on Sunday, more like window shopping though because none of us wanted to spend money. And now we're finalizing Spring Break plans for next week.

The first picture is of the Via dei Fori Imperali and the Colosseum from when we were walking around at night last weekend.  Second is from getting gelato at Giolitti's, the best gelato place in the city, for the first time.  Then I finally made it to Trevi Fountain for the first time this semester on Saturday.  And lastly I found a Sicilian pastry shop on Sunday while we were walking around that had the cake cassata so we got a couple slices.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend in Roma

Just realized this is the first weekend I've spent in Rome in a few weeks.  Haven't done much, I've just been resting because we had midterms this week.  Went out last with Leo's sister's boyfriend Giuseppe, who is Italian, and his friends for Giuseppe's birthday.  I also got to see some different parts of Rome yesterday and today that I haven't walked around before so that was cool.  It's weird because Leo and I are almost the only ones still in town, everyone else went on trips this weekend.  But it's also cool because it's definitely quieter and more relaxed.  We just chilled all day, and then made hamburgers for dinner, nice little taste of home.  Going to go to Porta Portese (the Sunday outdoor flea market) after mass tomorrow and shop so that should be interesting.  And I still have to figure out Spring Break, internship summer housing, and work/study for this week, so chilling out is over. It was nice while it lasted.