Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's been a while

My life has been boring lately, so I'm sorry for not posting.  But there really hasn't been much going on, I've stayed in Rome two weekends in a row, and it was needed. 

We're finally done with exams, so that's good.  This weekend there wasn't much going on, we just walked around the city a lot during the days, but it was good to do.  A few of us went shopping on Sunday, more like window shopping though because none of us wanted to spend money. And now we're finalizing Spring Break plans for next week.

The first picture is of the Via dei Fori Imperali and the Colosseum from when we were walking around at night last weekend.  Second is from getting gelato at Giolitti's, the best gelato place in the city, for the first time.  Then I finally made it to Trevi Fountain for the first time this semester on Saturday.  And lastly I found a Sicilian pastry shop on Sunday while we were walking around that had the cake cassata so we got a couple slices.

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