Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Holy week

Being in Rome for Holy Week was pretty amazing.

The city was definitely more crowded during the week, even in our neighborhood.

It was a busy week with classes and such, but we had Good Friday and Easter Monday off from school. On Friday a couple friends and I went around and saw some of the important churches and religious sites that we hadn't visited yet: St. Peter in Chains, St. John Lateran, and the Holy Stairs. Even having been there before, it was a good experience to go back on Good Friday. Afterwards, I made myself seafood risotto for dinner, since I haven't had much seafood while I've been here. That night we went to the stations of the cross at the Colosseum. It was presided over by the Pope. Other ND people from all over Europe were there, as well as someone from Campus Ministry.

Saturday I made a pot of sauce, just like my wonderful parents taught me to. It came out pretty good, even if I didn't have a food processor.

Sunday we had to get up early to go stand in line at the Vatican for mass. ND got us all tickets, so we were able to have a chair instead of standing in the square the entire time. It was different because there were so many people, and the altar was kind of far away, but overall it was an awesome experience. The Pope gave an Easter message afterwards from the window above the liturgical door.

I made Easter dinner with three of my friends from the group: roast beef, porchetta, roast potatoes, carrots, and broccoli. I got a cassata cake from a Sicilian pastry shop and we had that for dessert. Overall it was a pretty cool day, and weekend.

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