Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break, part three: Prague

We took a bus from Munich to Prague and got in just after noon. We put our stuff down and went out to walk around.

We met up with one of the girl's friends from home who is studying in Prague and he showed us around. We walked across the St. Charles bridge, up the mountain to the Castle, where the president lives. Then we walked around that side of the river for a while before we found our way to a monastery that has been brewing its own beer for centuries. It overlooked the city so it had a great view, and good food. We also went to the Lennon Wall, which is just a wall with a bunch of graffiti on it. Someone before us had written an ND on the wall and signed it, so we all signed around it. Got KFC for dinner, which was awesome. There are so many American chains in Prague, it was crazy. That night we went to a story club along the river, one of the biggest in Europe. It was pretty cool, each floor had different music and theme.

Saturday we walked around the city center. We saw the two main squares, Old and New (they're really original). We walked into a church just off the Old square, and it was really beautiful, but we couldn't take pictures. There was a bunch of things going on in the old square because of a festival and Easter approaching. We saw the Astronomical Clock, which is on the side of a building in Old Square. We had some street food for lunch: fried cheese sandwich and an old Prague kielbasa. Both were really good. Then that night we went to an 80s/90s that people from our program recommended. Unfortunately it was a bust.

Spring Break was a lot of fun, but I was really happy to be back in Rome.

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