Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break, Part Two: Munich

Wednesday(of Spring Break) we flew to Manchester, England and then connected to Munich because it was cheaper than a direct flight. Unfortunately we almost missed our flight to Munich because we had to go out through passport control and customs, and then run to the next terminal and back through security. But we made it, albeit slightly out of breath.

Munich was awesome. Leo and I stayed in the same hostel as a group of girls from our program, so we got to see them and hang out while we were in town.

We saw the couple churches near the city center, which were really pretty. We also saw the Glockenspiel, the cuckoo clock in the main square. It goes off every hour on the hour, and it plays a ten minute display.

The rest of the day we walked around the city and saw the English garden. We walked around to each of the three main breweries/beer gardens in the city and tried each of their fares. The food was excellent: we had weissewurst, bratwurst, gulash, sauerkraut, potato salad, pretzels, apple strudel, Dutch blueberry pancake, and apple donut rings. We also tried their different beers. They have many different varieties: light lagers, sweet lagers, ambers, dark Dunkels, and stouts. My favorite was the amber colored Weissbier, although all the ones I tried were good.

Then we went out that night for a bit, and Leo and I left early the next morning for Prague to meet up with the group from Paris and some others.

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